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Pope Peter-Benedict summons John Storm to the Vatican.





The quest for the Holy Grail, the Cup of Christ, and the meaning of life is something we all think of at one time or another. No matter what faith, stage of human development, life and death, and where our loyalties may lay as to our beliefs, requires attributes of the highest virtue, and moral standards. A 'golden compass,' if you will, is a set of moral guidelines to live by, that you may choose to agree with, and may not. In this case, a compass in tune with nature, and respecting others, that we assume many Gods would hold in high esteem. Or at least, variations of.


There are and have been many gods. Each god has believers that think their own deity is the one true god, a belief they are at liberty to hold, that we respect, and would not want to sway. A faith is something that every natural person is entitled to as a right, under Articles 18 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including the right to hold and share opinions.


We live in a technological age of discovery, where science proposes and tests theories, many of which are laws of physics, as opposed to laws of man. The laws of physics, allows engineers to send rockets into space, build cargo ships and aircraft. Science has helped religion, and posed many quandaries at the same time, to be reconciled by men of the cloth if they so choose. One of the most important discoveries in recent times is the genetic code found in all of God's creatures; DNA. DNA provides an invaluable tool in the search for truth as to the origin of species, a tracking device or compass pointing to man's development from less advanced species. A subject proposed by Charles Darwin, among others; the theory of evolution by natural selection. Opposed by many religions at the time, but now generally accepted as a useful means of identification.







The Last Supper, a painting by Leonardo da Vinci




In this (fictional) John Storm adventure, the ocean adventurer is also an amateur Paleo Anthropologist. He is near obsessed with his DNA collection called 'The Ark,' that is safely stored onboard his trusty ship, the Elizabeth Swann, protected by an armory of security measures.


Having been injected with a super virus, John Storm became DNA enhanced. This was during his efforts to save a replicated Cleopatra VII, after her sarcophagus is discovered by a group of scientists, bent on displacing the present corrupt systems of government, with a new species of super-human, incorporating the Macedonian royal bloodline, ruling class of Ancient Egypt.


Our hero also recovers a super-nano-computer called CyberCore Genetica which, when coupled with Hal, the Swann's onboard AI, John Storm recognizes that he can recreate virtually any species of flora or fauna. Including splicing and defect corrections, an act of creation.

Following this extraordinary discovery, John realizes that it is theoretically possible to halt the ageing process. Meaning that everlasting life is possible. Incredibly, a distinct possibility, over and above mere superstition and spiritual hocus, pocus. This is scary real science in the making.

In addition, the replication of the former Queen of Egypt, serves as proof positive, that there are several potential routes to achieving everlasting life. A prospect that would seriously disturb the Vatican, Catholic Church and many other religions. Giving man, the divine spark, in the process diluting absolute divinity. Making John and Cleopatra somewhat sought after for their DNA, potential gods, rather than mere mortals. Although, they are very much mortal.







Modern man developed from Homo Habilis, at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Long before that, dinosaurs ruled the earth, until their extinction, thought to be caused by an asteroid impact. Overpopulation and uncontrolled exploitation of the planet, may lead to another period of extinction. This time anthropogenic; a man made epoch - orchestrated by a so-called intelligent species.





It is an interesting concept, that our hero is having difficulty coming to terms with. Being a naturalist, John leans towards maintaining the status quo. Not interfering with nature. And not allowing any group, agency, or government to control such technology. Where power corrupts, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely. To wit, Henry VIII and Adolf Hitler proclaiming their word to be law.


In this series, the CIA have already tried to kidnap Cleopatra, conspiring with MI6 and other agencies. It is not long before some of the mega-rich retirees, and other wealthy world leaders, attempt to steal the Ark and replication cloning technology, to give themselves another lifetime on the planet, or even a shot at everlasting life. But there are other factors.


John and his crew do not have long to dwell on this, when a new adventure begins. A quest to put replication out of reach of the antagonists, plotting to acquire what they see as the Holy Grail for themselves, the Cup of Christ, and the one thing that they could not buy with all of their money; eternal life. In preparation for future struggles, John corrects the defects in his new genome, to create a new species: Kanis Rex - Homo Sapiens Superior, or king of the apes. Significantly speeding up human evolution in the process. He is going to need an edge.






The Cup of Christ is the Holy Grail, that has never been found, in all searches through the ages.
















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