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John Storm cures Pope Peter-Benedict of stage 4 cancer, inside the Vatican City.



John Storm ministers to Pope Peter-Benedict in the Vatican City. John is just as moved as the Bishops and Priests who are present as observers, as the Pope begins to recover. All his hard work collecting DNA and digitalizing samples, has found another good use - apart from understanding life on earth. Unfortunately, that makes the Ark and the Elizabeth Swann even more of a target for the less than scrupulous. And that means any Government looking for an edge, and many very wealthy people looking to extend their good health. Copyright © artwork, Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd March 2023.






John Storm, the amateur Paleo Anthropologist, owns the largest DNA collection in the world, called 'The Ark.' It is safely installed and digitally embedded in his trusty ship, the Elizabeth Swann, protected by an armory of security measures, and the ever watchful Hal.


The Vatican, in particular, 'Pope Peter Benedict,' has been following the exploits of the adventurer, where the leader of the Catholic Church has been privy to military intelligences, and somewhat concerned as to warmongering intervention. Using connections at the UN's World Health Organization, John Storm is petitioned. The Pope is of the opinion that medicine may be advanced with a demonstration of healing, reducing suffering for those afflicted, with or without sin. As he says: "We are all God's children."


Pope Peter Benedict refers to John as a modern Medicine Man.


It appears to the Pontiff, that if life has been reincarnated, with John, as a specimen, enhanced that CyberCore Genetica™ could very well be a cure for cancer in the making. The Pope is not far from the end of his fight against lung cancer. One of the biggest killers from fossil fuel particulates in cities. He is dying, losing to cancer, from living in a highly polluted region of Italy.


John and Cleopatra envision the prospect for world peace, a virtual miracle may yield, born out of research from what many may perceive as the dark side of humanity. They determine to do what they can.


The Elizabeth Swann navigates its crew to the Vatican City with all possible haste. The fast flowing River Tiber proves difficult to navigate, as they head to St. Angelo Bridge, and secure mooring. Hal assumes security detail while John, Dan and Patricia are ushered into the Vatican's Apostolic Palace, in an armoured Pope-Mobile. They feel like royalty.


They analyze the Pontiff's DNA using the CyberCore, linked to Hal, and to the Ark, devise a viral cure, and administer to the leader of the Catholic Church.


Charley Temple and Steve Green cover the story, as official Papal correspondents, feeding Jill Bird at the BBC.


The whole world watches. A week goes by with mixed reports, but the cancer regresses convincingly. John has been through this before. He feeds the Pope on the diet that got him through, including lashings of Solar Cola (Tonic).


The medical community are astounded. The media is drip fed snippets so as not to confuse healing with miracles. The Pope's DNA has been altered. But the body still requires time to mend, especially as age advances.


As Pope Peter Benedict gains strength, he bodes audience with John Storm.


"My boy, you truly are a Medicine Man, and what was in that drink. Did it come from the Fountain of Youth?"


Somewhat embarrassed, John explained that it had worked on Kulo-Luna.


"Your eminence, we used a couple of crates to help a dehydrated humpback whale, recover from a harpoon wound."


"Yes, I have heard of that incident out at sea. And your scaling the Shard."


John blushed.


The council of senior Bishops meet for de-briefing.


The Vatican breathes easy, with their Father restored to them. But his miracle cure, recovering from death's door, opens up a whole new debate, that would be conducted behind closed doors. The Vatican made no comment, other than saying:


"Pope Peter Benedict has made a remarkable recovery."


The media had been staking out the Vatican ever since the Pope returned from hospital, too ill to even wave. Slightest whispers, turned into headline news, as the Bishop of Rome weakened, according to sources.


Nobody could miss the arrival of the Elizabeth Swann. John and his party were careful to make necessary movements under cover of darkness whenever possible. Mingling in with the crowds. Even with diversions, the press could not help but notice when John and Patricia departed. Coinciding shortly after the very curt official press announcement from within the Basilica.


The headlines soon after read: "Ocean Conservationist Strikes Again, Vatican All At See."







Jesus, walking on water. Sometimes, a miracle is modern science in action, with those looking on, not fully understanding how such happenings could be achieved. Other Biblical events could be explained, but we think are better left alone.




Having been injected with a super virus, John Storm became DNA enhanced like the Panamanian Running Man. Allied to his new strength the CyberCore Genetica™, turns him into the most digitally connected person in history.


His newfound abilities have not escaped the attention of military chiefs and wealthy patrons, including religious leaders, some of which were privy to his rescue of Cleopatra VII from Guantánamo Bay.


Following the discovery of Captain Henry Morgan's treasure, a legal battle royal ensues, where opposing claimants try to force John to reveal the location of the treasure trove. But John refuses to reveal the hiding place, because the claimant's various will not negotiate reasonably. Johns wins the case, being awarded all of the pirates bounty by the International Court, with the proviso that he donates any archaeologically pieces, to an appropriate museum. Something, John had suggested to the Court, by way of compromise. The verdict makes him a very wealthy philanthropist - and psuedo officer of the court, much to the delight of George Franks. When John only started out to survey Port Royal for Blue Shield. Franks is very helpful as an online Mackenzie Friend. 


This infuriates the CIA, MI6, and several mystery bidders, whose offers to purchase the life giving technology, are turned down.


Ignoring President Lincoln Truman's order to leave John be, the mystery bidders bribe the military in positions of great trust, to help them steal, what they cannot buy.


Whereas, the military want the tech for themselves, to be able to hack the computers of other nations, for superiority in times of aggression. Aimed at eventual world domination.

John, Cleopatra, and the Swann become hard targets; capture or kill. With both enemies and friends in high places, life is complicated. Except for Hal, acting as a personal secretary, to deal with the administrative housekeeping.

The UN's World Health Organization enquire as to the possibility of adapting CyberCore Genetica™ with Hal's BioCore as a possible cure for cancer. The Pope is dying. John and crew, navigate to Rome at high speed. They analyze the Pontiff's DNA, devise a viral cure and treat the Catholic leader. It works, the medical world goes wild, as the Vatican City breathes easy. 

The United Nations consult as to peace keeping duties, using CyberCore. At which point another attempt is made to kidnap the duo. This time by the FSB, foiled in Jason Bourne style. China is working with Russia, by the back door.

Realising the importance of what they are have become the guardians of, John decides to hide the Ark and replication equipment. He decides on a Henry Morgan solution. Soon after, telling the world that the Swann is no longer the laboratory she was.

John needs all the help he can get from
Hal, the Swann's onboard AI, and his crew, to thwart the dastardly plans of the wealthy antagonists and warmongers.




John Storm is prosecuted for theft of antiquities in the International Court of Justice - Hague



In the dock, John Storm giving evidence at the Hague in Brussels, accused of artifact theft: stealing pirates gold. A number of countries are making claims, unsupported evidentially.













When Make-A-Wish Foundation approached Peter Srsich, a stage-four cancer patient, offering to make a dream of his come true, the 17-year-old boy had an unusual request: he wanted to meet the pope.

Two years later, the Colorado teen is in remission - and he has credited his encounter with Benedict XVI with helping him beat the cancer.

Srsich, a devout Catholic who is now studying for priesthood, is well aware that his cancer was cured thanks to decades of medical research and his doctors' extensive training - but he believes that meeting the former pontiff in Rome has restored his faith and gave him strength to fight for his life.

For Peter, the harrowing ordeal started in 2011 with a simple cough. When the lanky 6-foot-6 lacrosse player returned from a canoe trip in July of that year, he felt overwhelmed with the kind of fatigue that he had never experienced before, ABC News reported.

The family suspected that the boy came down with pneumonia, but the reality was much more terrifying: doctors discovered a softball-sized mass in his left lung that was pressing on his heart. The tumor was diagnosed as a stage-four cancer.

Luckily for Peter, he was young, strong and very athletic, giving him a good chance for survival.

What followed was six months of grueling cancer treatment, which included seven rounds of chemotherapy that left the teenager completely bald.










Srsich's diagnosis and treatment had another impact on the boy: it plunged him into depression and made him question why all this was happening to him.

But the 17-year-old still found comfort in his faith. Knowing that he was devout, a friend created 1,200 lime-green wristbands with the words 'Praying for Peter' on them, along with Srsich's favorite Biblical passage, Romans 8:28.

Three months into his treatment, Srsich was approached by the Make-a-Wish Foundation - a charity that grants wishes to children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Peter's dream was an unusual one: the 17-year-old high school student wanted to go to Rome and see the pope in person.

'I would have been perfectly fine if I just got a tour of the Vatican,' he later said

The Italian branch of Make-A-Wish helped organize the $14,000 trip, covering the cost of plane tickets, accommodations, meals and spending expenses.

‘After meeting Peter, there was no doubt in my mind it was his true wish and it was going to play an important role in what he wants to do career-wise,’ said his gift coordinator LuAnn Griffin.

On a sunny day in May 2012, Peter, his parents and 15-year-old brother, Johnny, filed into St Peter’s Square in the Vatican to hear Pope Benedict XVI address the multinational audience in five languages.

Afterwards, Peter and his family were invited to queue up before the pope along with a number of high dignities.







The Cup of Christ is the Holy Grail, that has never been found, in all searches through the ages.





Srsich was concerned: everyone else in line waiting to speak to the pontiff came bearing expensive gifts, but he only had a lime-green rubber wristband to offer the leader of the Catholic church.

Finally, his turn was up to meet the pope. Towering over the diminutive pontiff, Peter told him that he had cancer and asked him for a blessing. And then something unexpected happened.

‘He looked at me and said, “Oh, you speak English?” and put his hand on my chest right where the tumor had been, even though I had not mentioned it to him,’ Peter recalled. ‘The blessing is usually on the head.’

In February 2013, less than a year after the fateful encounter, Pope Benedict resigned due to his declining health and was replaced by Pope Francis I.

These days, Peter Srsich says he feels ‘wonderful.' He currently attends Regis University, a Jesuit college in Denver. His goal is to be ordained as a priest in about eight years.

With his cancer on the ropes, the 19-year-old is also back to playing lacrosse and practicing taekwondo.

Although some Christian groups have latched on to Peter's recovery story, proclaiming it a miracle, Srsich does not see it quite that way.

‘Chemo helped me fight the cancer. Make-A-Wish helped me fight the chemo,’ he told ABC. ‘Knowing the pope was in my future helped me get through that, and in a small, non-miraculous way, helped cure my cancer.’
















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